The less likely your QQ will last to take the poker pot

Nightmare with two queens at the poker table, I had a nightmare that woke me up. The day before, I lost a pot with two queens in the hole. This must be the reason for my dream. So I rushed to my computer to record my thoughts.

What is your best preflop play in a game of Texas Hold’em when you have QQ in the hole? Pocket Queens – two beautiful queens side by side is one of three handmade pre-flops (along with AA and KK). In this case, it is advisable to step up the game. The more opponents in the hand, the less likely your QQ is to survive to win the pot. In the meantime, let’s hope the ace or king doesn’t fall on the flop. Similarly, you’ll love catching a set of queens on the flop.

What if you’re lucky and failure nets you a set of beautiful queens? It’s child’s play. You know very well that your objective is to win as many chips as possible. Slow play is the way to go unless the board looks threatening. For example, two cards that match on the flop can give your opponent a draw for a flush. Two consecutive cards can be interpreted as a tie. These are the hands you’d rather see dirt on.

Assuming you don’t catch a set on the flop (approximately 8 to 1 odds against him) and all three cards that come on the flop are jacks or less, your pocket queens could be ahead. You want it to stay that way. If you’re new to acting, bet to lighten the playing field even further; You might even win the pot if all of your remaining opponents fold.

If you have a bet in front of you, think about the type of player who is betting. If it’s tight, just call the bet. However, if he is aggressive and a little sneaky, try a raise. Chances are everyone will throw their cards away. Considering the range of hands played by your opponent, you have a good chance of winning Bonus138 if you are only two in the pot.

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