Gentleman has his version of taking a poker stance

My friend Lucy and I were having dinner at the casino when she asked me an interesting question. He was playing at one of the $4-$8 limit tables (I was at another) and was talking to a man whose game he admired. Lucy had already mentioned that. “He seems to know exactly what he’s doing, plays mostly tight but often gets aggressive.”

Sitting directly behind him, Lucy’s hands clasped, he opened the bet post-flop from middle position; then when an opponent is raised and followed by another, he looks at his hole cards and immediately smears them calmly.

After that, there is a game delay while the dealer prepares to use two new decks. Bonus138 This gave Lucy the opportunity to ask a question that had been bothering her for some time. Turning to him, he smiled softly and asked, “I’ve seen this before – bet the flop then fold to raise. I don’t think you’re bluffing; so why open a bet and then fold when another player raises?”

She smiled back, hesitated for a moment, then lowered her voice to him: “I’m trying to see where I am. When he raised me over the flop, and especially after another man had called his raise, I had my answer. So I fold to put more chips in the second or third best hand after the flop.”

Over dinner, Lucy and we discussed this maneuver at length. He suggested that I write this column on Where am I? I asked him to review the draft before submitting it to Gaming Today for publication; and I made some changes as per his suggestion.

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